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“We were extremely pleased to work with Capital Square. Not only did they execute the transaction as agreed to, but there was a clear line of communication throughout the process which enabled efficiency and substantiated their expertise. We look forward to working with them on either side of the transaction in the future.” 

 – Will Mathews, Senior Vice President | Principal, East Region Multifamily Advisory Group | Colliers International

“It’s an honor with a tremendous amount of benefits to be partnered with you and Capital Square.

The completion of the sale of Bridgeview exceeded our expectations. For us the enhanced value is significant in relation to our total financial picture. We do not view that lightly.

Thanks for making a quarter horse a thoroughbred.”

J&H – Florida

“I had been a landlord of single family residents for over 30 years. As I got older the day-to-day management became more of a chore. I liked the idea of triple net properties for a variety of reasons; however, there were very few that I could get into. I have greatly appreciated the counsel, availability and perspective from Mr. Louis Rogers. In choosing Capital Square I carefully vetted who would be handling my funds. Mr. Roger’s reputation for integrity and performance were exemplary. 

The best aspects of DSTs are: 1) Identification and availability of high quality performing properties to the limited investor; 2) Day-to-day management, administration and fiscal responsibilities are taken care of; 3) The loans on the properties have some of the best interest rates due to the reputation of the Sponsor and, they are non-recourse loans; 4) Unlike TICs, DST management decisions are made by individuals who are professionals and have a proven track record, 5) Diversity of different properties is possible with a smaller cash investment, and 6) The cash flow is one of the most dependable when all of these factors are coupled with a great team.

Although DSTs are only one part of my portfolio, they are a significant aspect.

Capital Square’s team’s integrity and commitment towards excellence has provided one of my best experiences with investment managers.”

J.V. – Florida

“We began working with Capital Square five years ago and are now in the process of closing on our third multi-family housing deal. The Capital Square team has done a great job of identifying multi-family assets that provide the best income and growth potential. 

Investing in DSTs provides us with more income than our single-family home rentals without any of the management or vacancy hassles. With Capital Square, we never miss a payment and our investments are selected to deliver maximum income, value and growth potential.

Louis Rogers has built a great investment team at Capital Square. The team does an impressive job of finding, managing, and reporting details for all investments.”

 – B.C. Carrollton, VA

“I like the ability to diversify my investments into shares of different types of commercial real estate with a stable rate of cash flow without personal involvement of property management.Although being a brand-new investor in a DST company, so far I feel very comfortable with the support and guidance I have received from the Capital Square 1031 professionals.”

L.O. – Park City, UT

“Capital Square provides very efficient and seamless exchanges. The best aspects of investing in a DST vs. a ‘whole’ property or TIC property include access to a tenant quality that is not available to me as an individual for a whole property, as well as the ability to diversify my exchange funds. I like the ability to slice and dice my exchange funds.”

T.O. – Newport Beach, CA

“We are relatively new to DSTs, but thus far all of our expectations have been met. We will consider additional investment opportunities with Capital Square in the future.

All of our exchange purchases were closed in a very timely fashion. The staff at Capital Square has been very helpful in guiding us through all of the required steps.”

D.N. – Richmond, VA

“Capital Square was key in getting me into a solid, secure 1031 Exchange by offering ownership in a property, with the tenant, a fortune 500 Company, taking care of everything on site and working with Capital Square. Being pressed for time, 1031 Exchanges are often problematic, but with Capital Square, I avoided all those possible pitfalls.

One of the best aspects of investing in a DST is getting more of all of the benefits of property ownership without having the liability or doing the management.

As an experienced real estate investor and property manager myself, I appreciate the fact that now, I leave the work to everyone else and the hardest work I do is to open the mail and have my office deposit the check.”