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Capital Square Cares

Rallying our team in pursuit of being the change needed in the communities where we work, live, build and invest

At Capital Square, we are always working to build something bigger than ourselves.

Our “Capital Square Cares” initiatives focus on areas of high impact to make a meaningful difference.

In the past decade, Capital Square has been an active advocate for numerous philanthropic organizations, many based in our hometown of Richmond, Virginia. These have included the March of Dimes, Feed More, St. Jude and Habitat for Humanity. In addition, Capital Square partnered with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Virginia-West Virginia chapter to raise record-breaking proceeds to help support critical research and programs for the nearly one million people living with MS in the United States.

Caring for our Youth 

There are many worthy causes, but because Capital Square is committed to “Building the Future,” we have recently shifted our philanthropic focus to causes that care for our youth.

Through our newly established partnership with Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, we support the children in our community when they need us the most. Our major donation to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, matched one-to-one by the Children’s Hospital Foundation, supports the organization’s Children’s Tower, which opened April 2023. Our hope is that this gift will have a lasting impact that advances pediatric care. We are honored that the new elevator bank in the Children’s Tower bears the Capital Square name and look forward to continuing this relationship.

Our philanthropic initiatives are now fully dedicated to children: before birth with the March of Dimes, in the early years with Little Hands Virginia, as health needs arise with Children’s Hospital of Richmond and around the world with the World Pediatric Project. Helping children have access to basic needs and world-class medical care is truly a gift to the whole community and the future, and we are proud to play a small part in this endeavor.  

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Capital Square’s environmental, social and corporate governance program launched in 2023.

Whitson Huffman and Louis Rogers shaking hands

Capital Square’s top priorities are to drive value, enhance returns and build financial legacies for our investors. We continually seek new ways to deliver on our “investors first” commitment, which is why we have formally established a Corporate Responsibility (CR) program, integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability best practices. Capital Square considers all angles of investment risks in our pursuit of the best risk-adjusted returns for our investors. ESG represents an important element of this strategy and enables us to find new, tangible ways of driving value for our investors. 

We see CR, ESG and sustainability as a win-win: not only building wealth and driving value for our investors but also benefiting the communities where we operate.

Additionally, as we increase our focus on the sustainability of our properties, we can drive greater resident retention, loyalty and higher rent potential. Explore Capital Square’s sustainability and economic impact reports.

Our most impactful, existing ESG initiatives include:

Corporate Responsibility CR Governance

Our chief operating officer oversees a committee focused on integrating CR into company operations, with a focus on risk management and cost savings.

Green Premiums

We have strategically leveraged opportunities with Fannie Mae for favorable loan interest rates from environmentally and socially focused projects.

Rent Relief Program

We provide short-term, 0% interest loans to residents experiencing financial hardship in a number of our communities. Not only does this decrease eviction rates; it also increases property cashflow and reduces costs, creating a benefit for our residents and investors.

Operational Costs

By strategically assessing energy efficiency projects, we can drive energy savings for both Capital Square operations and our multifamily community residents.

Due Diligence & Acquisitions

Environmental impact is considered in our due diligence and acquisition process to better manage risk, earn higher returns and secure additional value upon the sale of assets.

EV Charging Stations

Over 30 of our multifamily communities will be equipped with charging stations, which reduce our carbon footprint and attract high-value, green-minded residents that support rent growth. Revenue generated by chargers offsets electricity usage.

“Making community involvement and charitable giving a part of the Capital Square culture unifies us in a way that no other aspect of our company can. It keeps us centered around what truly matters in life and gives us all a cause to rally behind: pioneering positive change in the communities where we work, live, build and invest. We have always called ourselves a family because that is what we strive to be, and giving back to our communities certainly helps make us one.”

Jacqueline Rogers, Chief Communications & Operating Officer

Learn more about how Capital Square Cares: