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“I had been a landlord of single family residents for over 30 years. As I got older the day-to-day management became more of a chore. I liked the idea of triple net properties for a variety of reasons; however, there were very few that I could get into. I have greatly appreciated the counsel, availability and perspective from Mr. Louis Rogers. In choosing Capital Square I carefully vetted who would be handling my funds. Mr. Roger’s reputation for integrity and performance were exemplary. 

The best aspects of DSTs are: 1) Identification and availability of high quality performing properties to the limited investor; 2) Day-to-day management, administration and fiscal responsibilities are taken care of; 3) The loans on the properties have some of the best interest rates due to the reputation of the Sponsor and, they are non-recourse loans; 4) Unlike TICs, DST management decisions are made by individuals who are professionals and have a proven track record, 5) Diversity of different properties is possible with a smaller cash investment, and 6) The cash flow is one of the most dependable when all of these factors are coupled with a great team.

Although DSTs are only one part of my portfolio, they are a significant aspect.

Capital Square’s team’s integrity and commitment towards excellence has provided one of my best experiences with investment managers.”

J.V. – Florida

“I like the ability to diversify my investments into shares of different types of commercial real estate with a stable rate of cash flow without personal involvement of property management.Although being a brand-new investor in a DST company, so far I feel very comfortable with the support and guidance I have received from the Capital Square 1031 professionals.”

L.O. – Park City, UT

“Capital Square provides very efficient and seamless exchanges. The best aspects of investing in a DST vs. a ‘whole’ property or TIC property include access to a tenant quality that is not available to me as an individual for a whole property, as well as the ability to diversify my exchange funds. I like the ability to slice and dice my exchange funds.”

T.O. – Newport Beach, CA